Oxytocin: Key to Youthfulness and Age Reversal?

For many years, the pituitary hormone oxytocin was viewed as nothing more than a hormone responsible for uterine contraction during vaginal delivery. But oxytocin is proving to be far more than that.

In particular, we are witnessing substantial youth-preserving, even age-reversing, effects from boosting oxytocin. We achieve this by cultivating the probiotic microorganism, L reuteri of two specific strains and increasing bacterial counts markedly via a special fermentation process.

End-result: increased strength and muscle, preserve bone density, increased libido, accelerated healing, and smoother skin with fewer or less prominent wrinkles, in other word restoration of many facets of youthfulness..

About Dr. Davis, Wheat Belly and Undoctored:
Dr. Davis practiced conventional cardiology for 25 years but became discouraged with the predatory and exploitative practices of modern healthcare. He now devotes his efforts to helping people regain magnificent health without doctors or hospitals with results that are SUPERIOR to that obtained through conventional healthcare. His Wheat Belly books have sole 4 million copies in 40 countries.

We draw from the health information of the world, collaborate, share experiences, collect data, and show how to apply new health tools to achieve levels of health that you may have thought unattainable. We do all this at a time when conventional healthcare costs have become crippling.

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