Peace, Strength, and Love Bamboo Plant

Searching for gift suggestions that are suitable for hostess and host gifts, revealing your gratitude or saying congratulations? You are certainly in luck. Lucky bamboo plants pot at deliver the perfect message and will fill a house or office with lasting beauty.

Wish Anyone Luck in a Green Way

Bamboo is a remarkably popular decorative plant in homes and companies. Interior designers love bamboo since it can develop into unusual shapes which are exceptionally striking. Giving bamboo presents allows that recipient to add design to a home or office, but additionally, it has a symbolic meaning. In feng shui, bamboo is thought to draw decent fortune, so giving one as a present is like wishing someone fortune.


Selecting Bamboo Gifts

Because bamboo arrangements are so hot, it is possible to locate an assortment of living plants which it is possible to give as a gift for any occasion. You are able to select something charming like Hieta garden’s True Love Lucky Bamboo pots with 2 stalks that form one heart or something whimsical like our New Directions Lucky Bamboo with its trio of curled stalks. Bamboo plant presents are offered in various fashions of planters. You can pick everything from earthy looks like the glass and pebble structure of our Small Cutie Lucky Bamboo to sleek modern planters like the square dark ceramic of our Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower.

Dual Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower

Just like all kinds of plant care, the key to maintaining lucky bamboo terrazzo plant pots thriving is to maintain the proper problems. Here is a rundown on what potted bamboo plants Will Need to grow at their best:

— Light — Bamboo plants typically grow under tall trees, which means that they do best when they get direct light that is filtered. As a rule, it is best to maintain a bamboo plant somewhere darker than to expose them to too much sunlight. If you notice its bright greenery evaporating, move it to a brighter place.

— Water — A bamboo plant only requires about an inch of water to remain properly hydrated, but the minerals and chemicals in plain tap water may be too harsh for this. Use bottled or distilled water that has been left out for 24 hours to safeguard bamboo. Change the water every week to prevent the development of microbes.

Never put a bamboo plant directly in the front of a window air conditioner or a heating and cooling vent.

— Fertilizer — You don’t have to feed bamboo plants frequently. A single drop of a normal liquid or specialization bamboo fertilizer each month will offer ample nourishment for your own bamboo.

Maintaining Your Lucky Bamboo Shaped

Bamboo grows quickly, so regular cutting is an significant part lucky bamboo maintenance. Maintaining bamboo trimmed can help preserve its appealing shape whether you have a straight or curved plant. Focus trimming efforts on the shoots, not the stalk. Use sterile Shears and cut 1 to 2 inches in the stem. You may help to discourage thick expansion by putting a little bit of paraffin wax onto the freshly cut take.